How to Get Bathroom Tiling Right

When you’re planning to do bathroom renovation, it’s always almost certain that tile layout is part of it. After all, the reason why you’re thinking about it in the first place is because you want major changes in your place of comfort. And while all the other stuff is easy and convenient to do, tile layout is a bit complex. You need to consider things like fixture, drain, and lighting locations, framing changes, color scheme, and others. So while you may think that building your bathroom into something new is easy considering how small the space is, you have to realize that getting the bathroom tiling right is of foremost importance.

So here are some good tips on how to make sure this project corresponds to success.

  1. It’s all about planning it right. This right here is the most difficult part. Planning requires patience and thoroughness. But as a homeowner like you, who does not have any experience in this kind of a job, it is a lot better to ask for help, say from an interior designer or building contractor. They don’t have to create the plan for you; they just have to guide you on what should be included and what should be left out.
  2. Be sure with the tile size as purchasing the wrong one will most likely lead to wasting your money. In this one, a lot of homeowners have been victimized by the assumption that a 12 x 24-inch tile size is exactly what it is. What they didn’t realize is that majority of tiles sold in the U.S. follow European sizing, suggesting that the actual size is 30 x 60 centimeters, which if converted and the grout space factored in, the actual size would be less than 12 inches. The smartest way to solve this problem is to simply purchase samples and lay them out.
  3. Put a little more attention when you’re doing the layout in close proximity to the windows and doors; the fact is layouts in these areas are very complicated and critical. Also, you have to be absolutely sure that the waterproofing system of the shower is specifically designed in such a way that the windows have been factored in, the purpose of which is to prevent the possibility of water getting behind the tile and heading into the frame of the window.
  4. Be wary about leaks. In fact, they are the tiles’ worst enemy. What needs to be done is to grade the areas located outside the shower back to the show in order to prevent them leaks.
  5. Cure in between steps and you should be reminded that sealing tile and natural stone leads to a substantial improvement of tiling in general. A very effective way to do this is by preparing a sample tile board and sealing it right before you actually do the sealing in the bathroom.
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Finally, it may sound elementary, but we are hard pressed to remind you that you have to avoid stepping on the floors if they’re not fully cured. Give it as much time as possible right before you do the sealing.