Four kinds of bonsai plants worth developing

(A) both flowers and fruit bonsai plants

To sightseeing, tours and fruit consumption as a whole, such as pomegranate red rose, then seeding then bear fruit, height 50 cm to 70 cm, perennial flowering continuously, fruits, fruit Thriving, very spectacular, is the floral arrangements rare treasures, and once planted, benefit for many years. In addition, the black rose pomegranate, auspicious fruit, cherry coral, also fall into this category.

(B) the unique ornamental bonsai plants

Such as potted plants hanging whip embroidered pompon, red stems, leaves opposite eggs, whip shapely flowers drooping, long 80 cm to 100 cm per plant pompon knot hundreds, seemingly far from pouring red fountain, close-up ball like emperor crown swing, both beautiful and elegant, and the viewing of up to six months, authorities placed in front of the hotel better than the beautifully decorated baskets is proud flowers, flowers Seafood. There are also Vigor, mimosa, Gourd, Wan Xiantao Wudaitongtang fruit, etc., all have a high ornamental value exotic bonsai plants.

(C) flavor Potted Plant

Its quality are: Pungent, Chinese herbs, lavender, basil, vanilla orchid, perfume and so on grass. The scent from the plant has been unearthed seedlings to mature plants dry leaves have a rich aroma, is known as the Four Seasons fragrance natural “perfume bottle.” Living room, bedroom number of pots will be placed scented, not only refreshing, but also the interior is full of vitality, and in addition to mosquitoes, sterilization, air purification, refreshing effect.

(D) fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables potted bonsai plant ornamental, edible landscaping in one, has become widely accepted in the market. Such plants potted cherry tomatoes, potted pearl five peppers, strawberry pot, potted kumquat, pumpkins and other ornamental plants.

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