Five kinds of new flowers, bonsai market outlook is getting better

Multicolor flowers: If Lotus had only white and pink colors , variety of colors and now has red, pink, purple, yellow, orange and so on ; the common varieties of white Huaihua , now fragrant tree Huaihua new cultivars with yellow and red and other colors.

Potted flowers: these are miniature pot rose flowers, potted pomegranate, peach and other potted flower varieties , as well as potted lotus ( lotus bowls, water lily ) and other pool variants potted plant varieties.

Landscape Flower: such as Ganoderma lucidum bonsai, bonsai cactus, ginkgo bonsai, bonsai pomegranate, jujube tree bonsai, bonsai peach, apple bonsai bonsai flowers and other shapes.

Deformation flowers: that change the traditional flower , large flower becomes floret , florets larger flowers , refreshing. Such as the use of grafting papaya Begonia flowers , diameter than the ordinary varieties of Begonia flower big 1 times , only half a bowl of lotus pond planted potted bowl lotus pocket diameter.

Exclusive of Flowers: the flowers twice a year or more , will extend the normal flowering or through advanced science and technology will advance or delay flowering.

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