Four kinds of bonsai plants worth developing

(A) both flowers and fruit bonsai plants

To sightseeing, tours and fruit consumption as a whole, such as pomegranate red rose, then seeding then bear fruit, height 50 cm to 70 cm, perennial flowering continuously, fruits, fruit Thriving, very spectacular, is the floral arrangements rare treasures, and once planted, benefit for many years. In addition, the black rose pomegranate, auspicious fruit, cherry coral, also fall into this category.

(B) the unique ornamental bonsai plants

Such as potted plants hanging whip embroidered pompon, red stems, leaves opposite eggs, whip shapely flowers drooping, long 80 cm to 100 cm per plant pompon knot hundreds, seemingly far from pouring red fountain, close-up ball like emperor crown swing, both beautiful and elegant, and the viewing of up to six months, authorities placed in front of the hotel better than the beautifully decorated baskets is proud flowers, flowers Seafood. There are also Vigor, mimosa, Gourd, Wan Xiantao Wudaitongtang fruit, etc., all have a high ornamental value exotic bonsai plants.

(C) flavor Potted Plant

Its quality are: Pungent, Chinese herbs, lavender, basil, vanilla orchid, perfume and so on grass. The scent from the plant has been unearthed seedlings to mature plants dry leaves have a rich aroma, is known as the Four Seasons fragrance natural “perfume bottle.” Living room, bedroom number of pots will be placed scented, not only refreshing, but also the interior is full of vitality, and in addition to mosquitoes, sterilization, air purification, refreshing effect.

(D) fruits and vegetables fruits and vegetables potted bonsai plant ornamental, edible landscaping in one, has become widely accepted in the market. Such plants potted cherry tomatoes, potted pearl five peppers, strawberry pot, potted kumquat, pumpkins and other ornamental plants.

Five kinds of new flowers, bonsai market outlook is getting better

Multicolor flowers: If Lotus had only white and pink colors , variety of colors and now has red, pink, purple, yellow, orange and so on ; the common varieties of white Huaihua , now fragrant tree Huaihua new cultivars with yellow and red and other colors.

Potted flowers: these are miniature pot rose flowers, potted pomegranate, peach and other potted flower varieties , as well as potted lotus ( lotus bowls, water lily ) and other pool variants potted plant varieties.

Landscape Flower: such as Ganoderma lucidum bonsai, bonsai cactus, ginkgo bonsai, bonsai pomegranate, jujube tree bonsai, bonsai peach, apple bonsai bonsai flowers and other shapes.

Deformation flowers: that change the traditional flower , large flower becomes floret , florets larger flowers , refreshing. Such as the use of grafting papaya Begonia flowers , diameter than the ordinary varieties of Begonia flower big 1 times , only half a bowl of lotus pond planted potted bowl lotus pocket diameter.

Exclusive of Flowers: the flowers twice a year or more , will extend the normal flowering or through advanced science and technology will advance or delay flowering.

Chinese Bonsai Network

Bo categories: cypress bonsai bonsai called for the king. Par cypress and pine, evergreen pine and cypress, says that the aesthetic characteristics of cypress and pine trees is almost the same, but there are differences, in addition to the old, green, strong, peculiar, another point is its toughness, cedar bark texture strip as the strand-like rotation, branches difficult to break, due to the strong vitality than cypress pine, cypress trees in the forest, such as lightning, tree trunks waist hit off, as long as there is an inch or so of skin will not die, mostly snags stump, so workers like cypress bonsai production: dry relic: bonsai, intended to show the ancient Spring. Japan potted “relic dry”, mostly cypress ……
Loose shape upright, vigorous, after snow and cold stand proudly spirit so that people can easily feel the wild and proud, works in the pot to have refined performance.

Boxwood: Boxwood Bonsai Trees are beautiful and dignified, fine blade, vigorous branches quaint, old-fashioned aspect, small in the big, natural shape and tree growth is slow and steady, evergreen and so on. Since ancient times, it was recognized as one of the finest bonsai trees. Good boxwood bonsai pot is very difficult to obtain.

Podocarpus: Podocarpus bonsai tree pose lush Su, Canggu vigorous, bright green leaves four seasons, there is a sense of vigorous noble. As attached to the rocks, made into talons bouldering attitude, more quaint and unique. Podocarpus and bamboo, stone group King, very elegant. Podocarpus bonsai jungle, with grazing scenery, rustic charm can give people enjoyment. The culture well, after several decades or even centuries Evergreen is not bad, great Podocarpus bonsai pot Serve. Due to the above features, Podocarpus possession unusual position in the art of bonsai.

Sageretia: bird Megan dry naturally curious, dew claw root extract, vigorous Shuzi quaint, elegant, antique, is one of the main tree species in China bonsai tree stump, one of the five famous Lingnan bonsai tree in China and also export the WTO one of America’s bonsai plants. Sageretia is the best bonsai tree stump, with upright temperament, germination and strong, good adaptability, strong vitality, seasons changing, varied and suitable for the production of various styles of bonsai, has a high ornamental value. In China, Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangsu and Zhejiang extremely popular, it is the main bonsai trees.

Billiard: Billiard bold upright stems, gnarled and twisted nature, color, such as iron ,, peculiar morphology, Qing Qi Guya, extensive management, but also foliage, fruit, excellent outlook shaped bonsai material. Sichuan is the main species of Chinese bonsai bonsai one of the traditional genres.

Murraya: Jiulixiang has Shuzi Su, vigorous branches, stocky vigorous, fresh leaf twigs, deep-rooted characteristics. It is evergreen, flowering and fragrant white, sparkling fruit Zhu, is an excellent bonsai material. Lingnan is one of the main species of bonsai. Common are straight dry, dry and double oblique dry tree, etc., rather vigorous rustic flavor.
The tree: one of China’s top ten flowers, muscle that nowhere else in the early spring, fragrant Ling Han’s character is deeply loved by the people. The tree pile bonsai, its potential vigorous quaint, wax winter months, Golden Flower in full bloom, faint fragrant, filled the room, sniffing the people will certainly refreshed. That fear cold, cold and fighting spirit Peng even more people dance. The tree pile bonsai reason especially as it begins to cultivate stumps, twisted branches seemed vigorous and effective, form special. Your old plum not expensive tender.

Maple Class (maple): Maple graceful posture, spit red new leaves in spring and summer, leaf color bright beautiful, old leaves turn green performance there since ancient times, many men of letters prepared by adding favorite, recite a poem, often written maple situation. Aceraceae Aceraceae, its carotene more concentrated, and the leaves fall slowly, so they can show the whole picture of red, time of up to two or three weeks ago, very spectacular. Maple Class (maple) ancient pile with its unique style and image by the majority of bonsai enthusiasts and collectors of all ages.
Because of the above species has long been bonsai workers, lovers, writers, scholars and collectors sought to form a bonsai enduring example is the “Bonsai currencies” to describe people image.